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From the age of the Greeks, through the Romans and Vikings, to the medieval age of Hastings, Wallace and Bruce; from the English Civil War and Samurai, past the conquests of Napoleon, to the great Empires, American Independence and the Zulu Wars, and on to the 20th century, the Great War and World War Two, and beyond to the Falklands, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

History in its entirety is laid out on canvas before you.



The development of the fighting aircraft gave warfare a new dimension.  Quickly emerging from simple reconnaissance machines to become deadly fighters and bombers during World War One, the aircraft was a critical element by the beginning of World War Two.  Our galleries chart the rise of the fighting aircraft from humble and flimsy beginnings through two world wars and on to jet power, the speed of sound, and the modern aircraft which defend our skies today.

The history of military aviation, and the legends that populate it's history, captured through fine art.



Naval power has been significant throughout history, and our naval art galleries show the key moments and ships in the history of war and peace on the seas.  From the Spanish Armada and the battles of Nelson, through the conversion from sail to steam in the 19th century, and on through the burgeoning Victorian navies to the epic battles of the Great War.  The iconic ships of the early to mid 20th century are shown as we move into the second world war, and beyond to modern warships and the use of naval air power.

The history of war on the seas captured on canvas



The greatest moments in sport often make some of the most memorable scenes.  Think of a year and you might remember the Grand National winner, or a great Grand Prix driver.  Our gallery of sport art shows theses great moments and legends, like Ayrton Senna, Red Rum, Rugby Grand Slams and World Cup victories, the Ryder Cup, Champions League football, Colin McRae.

The legends that make sport memorable captured on canvas




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